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Shary's Skin Care

Complete Skin Care Kit

Complete Skin Care Kit

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Complete Face Care Kit.

See Impressive and Fast results on your skin when using all the products.

  1. Bring your respective Charcoal mask (for oily skin, eliminates blackheads and diminishes pores) it is applied 2 times a week, leaving it to act for 30 minutes "50ml"
  2. Bring the facial peeling (Exfoliates deeply to eliminate sun spots and acne. It helps to lighten the face, armpits and dark elbows) is applied maximum 2 times a week leaving it to act NO MORE THAN 10 MINUTES and its use is only at night "Yes You use it during the day and it is exposed to the sun, it will cause spots on your face" "30 ml"
  3. Bring the anti-wrinkle and blemish serum (You apply it to your clean face during the day and at night after applying the toner, it will help you hydrate the skin, reduce expression lines and have smoother skin) "30 ml "
  4. Bring the toner with Hyaluronic Acid with aloe vera (You apply it to your clean face during the day and at night before applying the serum, it will help you to have your skin brighter, hydrated, eliminating dry skin) "50"

Order of use:

  • Step 1 Apply your charcoal Mask for 30 minutes (Only 2 times a week)
  • Step 2 Apply your facial peeling for 10 minutes (Only 2 times a week)
  • Step 3 Apply your toner to your clean face day and night (Daily use)
  • Step 4 Apply Your Serum after applying the toner (Daily use)

Avoid contact in the eye area, if you notice Irritation, burning, or swelling WASH FACE IMMEDIATELY.


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